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What are your fees?

Telephonic fees range from $50 and up

Video pre Session planning is $100/30 min

SOCIAL Outings-

$300 Minimum

(DFW AREA with 24 hour notice)

Scripted Scenes $300/hour minimum and depend on complexity of the request, the environment, security and equipment required.

Overnight Sessions require 7 day planning. and 50% Deposit.

Weekend Sessions require several weeks of planning and 50% deposit

"Fly-me-to-You" Sessions require PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES, Prepaid Travel expenses and 4 hour minimum PREPAID.

One hour rate is an absolute Minimum to be in my presence.

Outcall is reserved for traveling clients with Professional References or established clients.

How much experience do you have?

Over 20 Years. I was born in 1973 (and PROUD of it!)

I have been a professional spanker since 2006 but have many more years of BDSM Lifestyle credit.  I have toured the USA and many countries and have a stellar reputation as a heavy handed spankstress.

Can I book an Initial Consultation before a Session?

I will reserve a 30 minute telephone consultation for $50 Prepaid

Video Consultations require 24 Hour notice  A 30 Minute video conversation is $100 Prepaid with ONE PERSON on the video with a non-recorded chat. It will be conversation regarding session planning only and basic Q&A only. 

 Any inappropriate shift in conversation will result in the video consultation ending abruptly without refund,

What is Coaching?

I will help those curious about or new to BDSM who want to safely introduce it into their relationship. 

I help those struggling with BDSM desires who need a safe person with whom you can try new things in a no-pressure, non-scary environment without fully committing to a "domination" session.

What Tools and Equipment do you use?

I own over 100+ Tools of correction
  • Paddles- hairbrush, wooden, plexiglass, plastic +
  • Straps - leather, rubber, textured straps
  • Canes- lexan, bamboo, wooden, English school ,  sjambok +
  • Floggers - suede, leather, rubber, cat o 9 tails, etc
  • Whips- dragontails, suede, leather, rubber, etc

A Domestic Residential Play space* like visiting your "Aunties House" with

*OPTIONAL Benches, crosses, bondage tables upon request.

What is a Disciplinarian?

An authority figure, who…


•believes in, advocates for, or enforces FIRM discipline

•encourages order and is very strict on enforcing rules and expected behavior

•administers corrective punishments to a person who disobeys

Can you accommodate a disablity or different sized body?

Yes.  I have worked with wheelchair dependent persons, elders, 500+# gents, little people, and people with less obvious physical disabilities. I am happy to accommodate.

My Dallas location is NOT ADA accessible but I will gladly meet at a location that is.

What is a Behavior Modification?

I have had success motivating people with:

  • smoking cessation

  • gambling

  • attitudes and behaviors

  • weight loss/food restrictions/diet management

  • gym attendance

  • relationship issues

  • general guilt

  • and more.

*(I am NOT licensed counselor but I will refer to kinky friendly licensed counselor for serious psychological matters)

Do you Dominate as well as spank?

This is a possibility after an initial disciplinary session, DEPENDING on the request.


There are quite a few things that I will NOT do professionally.

Is there sex involved?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. I do not offer nudity or ANY SORT of sexual service. I will remain fully clothed at at times. 

I offer legal services to legal adults only.

Can I bring a witness?

ABSOLUTELY. I require a witness fee. 

There is to be NO RECORDING of a session.

Any witness, yours or one provided must be of legal adults age and agree to witnessing the scene.

Can I just come talk with you?


I also provide a little hug and snuggle therapy and a safe shoulder to cry on for those not seeking pain but rather some physical contact, and safe, comforting maternal arms to rest in.


Your secrets are safe with me.

WHY Do you do this kind of work?

I have been a professional spanker since 2006 and I love my hobby. It brings me joy to provide a safe place for spanking needs.

WHY Do must I pay a deposit?

In order for me to block off time in my schedule, travel to the location, sanitize furniture, set up toys and get dressed in your preferred attire, I require a deposit to be sure of your arrival.

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