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Pandemic Pause

The whole entire world is being held hostage by an invisible bug. I am practicing social distancing and choosing to be socially distant until Mid June.

I am terrified what this is doing to my fellow professionals and all of the clients, fans, and friends that I care about. I can imagine that some of the naughty folk that I have punished for all their wrongdoings will REALLY need some corrections for their boredom misdeeds and perversions. I will be here to offer loving discipline when we are back in action.

I pretty much give up on 2020 and may start taking sessions again part time in July/August 2020 if the spread of the virus has slowed significantly. In the meantime, I am taking this time to edit videos, create workshops and seminar content for future Femdom Conferences and private events.

I am still available on NiteFlirt for chat and texting. If you want to know how to support your favorite spankstress, during this downtime, I am of course always accepting tributes at,$msNavia and Amazon GiftCards to

Please be safe. Protect yourself and others by wearing a mask and maintain social distancing... OR ELSE! Dont give me a reason to spank you!

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