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Come and serve! Upcoming opportunities

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I often have Service Opportunities with Team of Ladies and private house parties.

Domina often require servants for behind the scenes work and exchange service for disccounted time at Our parties and private gatherings.

Personal servants are invaluable. This is how you can get around paying for Our attention. BE VALUABLE. Help set up, we may allow you some play time.

Upcoming Events

Ebony Femdom Holiday Cocktail Mixer

December 19, 5-10pm

$150 Discounted rate for ONE servant.

Cougars and Cubs Day CFNM Meet & Greet

January 8, 2022 3-7pm

$25 Entry MAX 15, this WILL SELL OUT FAST!

(No, there wont be any heavy fantasy play, its a mixer)

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