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Who will you see for sessions?

Curious newbies, experienced players and are welcome as well as all genders and orientations. Couples welcome. Age 21 and all parties must consent to the session.

What is Coaching?

I will gladly do a demonstration of different kinks with curious players and couples wishing to introduce Kink into their relationship. I will also be an accountability coach and assist with Consequences as needed.

How do I book a scene?

Can I call you or do a video call?

I reserve 5 minute planning calls for those who are preparing to session. No specific details are given during this call. Others just wanting to talk al prepay $25 for a scheduled 15 minute call, $50 for video call.

How much is a session?

Sessions start at $200/hour minimum for consultation and can go up to $600/hour depending on the request, intensity of the scene, location request, costuming requests and length of session.  MOST Sessions are 2+ hours

Additional fees for:

  • Studio/Domestic space rentals

  • Messy/extreme roleplays

  • Witnesses / 2nd performer

  • Photos / video memory request

  • Offsite (Incall) scenes

What tools do you use?

I have well over 100 implements that have been collected over the past 15+ years as a professional.  It’s best to assume that I have it or ask to be sure.

What is the setting?

I have a domestic setting. Its like visiting “aunties house” and fetish furniture (Benches, crosses, bondage tables, etc) are brought out upon request. administered in the comfort of my discreet, clean, safe domestic setting or playspace in Dallas or in tour cities.

Why do I have to pay a deposit? 

In order for me to block off time in my schedule, travel to the location, sanitize furniture, set up toys and get dressed in your preferred attire, I require a deposit to be sure of your arrival.

Will there be sex or nudity?

I session fully clothed wearing domestic clothing and never bare-genitalia. There is no sex or release, EVER. I do not offer those services. Fees are for scheduled negotiated LEGAL consultation time and/or scripted performance only.

What if it is too intense or more than I can handle?

SAFE WORDS are pre-negotiated. The severity of the Discipline will always be tailored to your specific needs based on pre-scene application and negotiation. I am a safe, sane, risk aware provider.

Can I take you out for drinks or dinner?

have a social outing rate of $100/hour prepaid, two hour minimum with 30 minute distance travel

How can I send you tributes and tokens of appreciation?

I accept tributes at$MsNavia and on WISHLIST LINK

Can you take a video of the session?

No, I do not do videos Photos are allowed after session.

Can I bring a witness? Do you have friends who can witness?

I require a $100 witness fee regardless of if it is your witness or if I have to hire an acquaintance to witness your session. Many spouses attend to witness punishment.

Will you come to Me for sessions?

Incall Sessions in Dallas Fort Worth area require a travel fee and references. You CAN fly me to you but ALL expenses ($1500+), travel fee and 50% of session is required in advance with 3-4 weeks notice. 4 Hour+ session minimum.

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