Lose Control 

What do you fantasize about?

Some of My Favorite scenes:

  • Service direction

  • Sissification/enforced feminization

  • Spanking/Corporal Punishment

  • Tickle Torment & Bullying

  • Non-Physical Punishment

  • Verbal Humiliation Games

  • FUNishment predicaments

  • Roleplay situations

  • Financial Predicaments

  • Multiple Domina Scenes

  • CBT/NT scenarios

  • Kinky Dinner Parties- CFNM & Sissies

  • & SO much more...

I offer social outings and private paid  no-pressure social consultations. Ask.


Many enjoy a 2 hour scene to avoid feeling rushed but...

If an hour or two isn't enough and you crave a longer-term submission experience consider long term chastity,  an extended 4-6 hour scene, an overnight, or weekend experience

Multiple Day scenes are possible with advance planning and script/studio deposit.

 CUSTOMIZED SCENES are available to age verified clients seeking specific legal performances.

I am ALWAYS dressed in clothing. I do not EVER perform nude

or expose My genitalia!  I do not offer sexual exchanges. DO NOT ASK!

24 Hour advance notice, application, and script/studio deposit are REQUIRED for new clients.

Professional Scenes ONLY

As much as YOU may want to be My personal slave and or servant, I get dozens of requests per week and you will have to prove yourself worthy of My time starting with 5+ professional scenes and consistent monthly tributes before I even consider a personal servant.

If you are not open to this, do not insult Me with an approach expecting free playtime. If you cannot afford a PROFESSIONAL ACTRESS, you cannot afford to have Me fulfill your fantasies. Sorry.