Lose Control 

What do you fantasize about?

Some of My Favorite scenes:

  • Service direction

  • Sissification/enforced feminization

  • Spanking/Corporal Punishment

  • Tickle Torment & Bullying

  • Non-Physical Punishment

  • Verbal Humiliation Games

  • FUNishment predicaments

  • Roleplay situations

  • Financial Predicaments

  • Multiple Domina Scenes

  • CBT/NT scenarios

  • Kinky Dinner Parties- CFNM & Sissies

  • & SO much more...

I offer social outings and private paid  no-pressure social consultations. Ask.


Many enjoy a 2 hour scene to avoid feeling rushed but...

If an hour or two isn't enough and you crave a longer-term submission experience consider long term chastity,  an extended 4-6 hour scene, an overnight, or weekend experience

Multiple Day scenes are possible with advance planning and script/studio deposit.

 CUSTOMIZED SCENES are available to age verified clients seeking specific legal performances.

I am ALWAYS dressed in clothing. I do not EVER perform nude

or expose My genitalia!  I do not offer sexual exchanges. DO NOT ASK!

24 Hour advance notice, application, and script/studio deposit are REQUIRED for new clients.

Professional Scenes ONLY

As much as YOU may want to be My personal slave and or servant, I get dozens of requests per week and you will have to prove yourself worthy of My time starting with 5+ professional scenes and consistent monthly tributes before I even consider a personal servant.

If you are not open to this, do not insult Me with an approach expecting free playtime. If you cannot afford a PROFESSIONAL ACTRESS, you cannot afford to have Me fulfill your fantasies. Sorry. 

ABSOLUTELY NO Sexual exchanges EVER! Consultations, Coaching and Performances provided to consenting  AGE VERIFIED adults only.

Performer has the right to refuse clients that misbehave, arrive under the influence of substances or disrespect the rules of the entertainer.