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Spanking & Discipline

I offer traditional Discipline scenes in a private Dallas domestic setting and on tour.


OTK Spanking




Flogging/Dragons tail Whipping

Judicial style punishments

Light restraint / light bondage

Cornertime, Mouth soaping, and other Non verbal punishments

Verbal scolding, humiliation

Sensual Tickling/Trampling and other creative funishment

Spanking Roleplay Fantasies

  • 100+ Tools of correction
  • Paddles- hairbrush, wooden, plexiglass, plastic +
  • Straps - leather, rubber, textured straps
  • Canes- lexan, bamboo, wooden, English school ,  sjambok +
  • Floggers - suede, leather, rubber, cat o 9 tails, etc
Whips- dragontails, suede, leather, rubber, etc

Domestic stocked studio apartment or Play space*

Outcall is reserved for established clients.

*Optional Furniture BDSM available

  • St. Andrews cross

  • Bending bench

  • Soft Table

  • Spanking frame

  • CBT restraint chair

 Novices are welcome as well as all genders and orientations.

Couples welcome.

The severity of the Discipline will always be tailored to your specific needs based on pre-scene application and negotiation. I am a safe, sane, risk aware provider.

All Discipline is administered in the comfort of my discreet, clean, safe domestic setting or playspace in Dallas or in tour cities.

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