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Chastity Keyholding

The ultimate male behavior modification

I will have control of your precious part

You will sign an agreement of My control with an understanding that I am in control of your ability to have a release. you learn to accept the loss of control and observe your own behavior modification with chastity management.



You may come to Me or provide My all expense covered travel to you to observe your attached device and supervised release on a quarterly basis.

Initial Fee for the first 30 days, weekly consultation and maintenance fee thereafter.

In-person management, maintenance, and inspection required quarterly.


Your chastity keyholding services will depend on your level and experience with chastity.


You will provide your own device, I will provide locks and emergency key.

I have suggestions of the types of devices to purchase.

Management Fees - first 30 days, weekly fee thereafter.



New to BDSM and/or want to safely introduce it into your relationship?

Struggling with your BDSM desires and need a safe person with whom you can try new things in a no-pressure, non-scary environment?

Want to try new things without fully committing to a "domination" session?

Need correction? Cathartic release? Atonement?

Spanking and discipline help with behavior modification, but  I also have a professional background in life coaching* .

I may be able to motivate you and help with 

  • smoking cessation

  • gambling

  • weight loss

  • food restrictions/diet management

  • gym attendance

  • relationship issues

  • general guilt

  • and more.

*(I am NOT licensed counselor but I will refer to kinky friendly licensed counselor for serious psychological matters)

Just need a hug and someone to listen or laugh with?

I also provide a little hug therapy and a safe shoulder to cry on for those not seeking pain but rather some safe, comforting maternal arms to rest in.

Your secrets are safe with me.

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