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I am...

  •  A Matriarchal-type, corporate professional, who is sweet and sadistic, nurturing yet wicked "Lady-next-door" 

  • Your safe confidant.

  • A middle-aged, full-figured, traditional /domestic Domina.

  • A Lady. I consult wearing a dress/skirt, corset, hosiery, and heels.

  • HIGH fetish attire is reserved for clients who provide the attire.

  • Classy, college educated Woman who's goal is to provide enjoyable corrective, cathartic, and therapeutic spanking/touch and loss of control.

  • Fun, nurturing, yet firm Disciplinarian and coach.

  • A sadist. I WILL laugh. I enjoy my work.

  • A lifestyle Domina and highly skilled in many forms of BDSM fetishes

 I offer...

  • Discipline, behavior modification, domestic service training, keyholding

  • Fun roleplays for initial interactions.

  • Over the knee (OTK) Spanking/discipline theme scenes 

  • Cathartic release from behavior modification, or emotional connection. 

  • Safe BDSM exploration

  • Aftercare, cuddling, and Talk therapy


  • Based in Dallas, Texas but I tour US & Abroad

  • Safe, clean, discrete domestic kinkspace

  • 18+ years of OTK coaching and lifestyle skills.

  • Safety, universal precautions, sanitation, and  client physical/mental health considerations taken seriously!

  • 5'8, 235#, dress size 12, shoe size 12

  • Your secrets are safe with Me. Confidentiality assured.
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